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Hi all!


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Okay, SO, I found this site literally last night when I couldnt sleep and was googling something else. What the hell! It all makes so much sense now. I always knew there was something "weird" and different about me when it comes to romantic feelings, or the lack thereof. But I thought it was due to my some other issues, like a phase I would grow out of, or because of my psychiatric/trauma issues. Now I see, that those issues aside, there is nothing wrong with me not having those romantic feelings the normies have. I am fine the way I am, I am simply aromantic. That is, I do have low grade romantic feelings but that is it. I cant feel nor do I want to feel the euphoric and over the top "being in love" feelings that other people crave. I like sex and have lots of kinks. But romance is totally different. What I feel towards certain girls (I am a straight guy) is something like infatuations. They appear very special and adorable to me, and I want them to be a "special friend" that I have sex with. I imagine us like a special pair or team with our own understanding of each other. But otherwise, however, I have no interest in dating them in the "normal way" or doing romantic things with them. No monogamy. I dont get jealous over who a girl sees or has sex with as long as I am her "special friend" that is more important AS HER FRIEND WITH BENEFITS. I dont like the boyfriend label and they few times I tried it out it felt awful. I broke up with a few girls right after we started just because of that, and avoiding any relationships with some others. I cant stand romantic stuff in general. No goopey stuff, no touching and caressing, no loving kisses, no staring into each others eyes, no shoulder grabbing or hand holding or holding each other by the waist. I definitely dont want their faces in my space or any kind of necking. It makes me want to vomit. No candles and wine. Mixing romantic feelings into sex is disgusting and ruins it! I could go on and on. NO stuff like that. I find PDA and romantic behaviors generally repulsive or I am at the best indifferent to them. When I see people doing this I have to turn away because of the sickening feelings I get, like a bad taste in my mouth. Man does it feel good to release the shame and guilt over feeling that way!


I will introduce myself properly later on in this thread when I have more time or perhaps in another thread. Until then, thanks all for the awesome work and community! I cant believe it took me to my early 30s to figure this out. But I finally have and it feels so, so liberating! ?

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