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I found a shirt

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So I went to Spain in June, and while I was there I came across this shirt and of course I had to buy it. It just screams aromantic! When my mom saw me wearing it, she was like "ok?" but, honestly I'm just happy to have come across something that didn't have amatonormativity written all over it. (if the file isn't viewable, please tell me, thanks!)





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11 hours ago, eOrion said:

Link says 'temporary error' but im not sure if thats just me

@eOrion yeah, the only way I can post it is by dragging it from my gmail since I sent the picture from my phone to my computer and I worry it might be blocking people out. I tried it again, how about now? Thanks for telling me! Edit: I converted the image from my phone into a URL. I really hope this worked! I usually don't go onto Arocalypse from my phone but desperate times call for desperate measures.

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