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Hi! Still sorting myself out but think this is the right place for me.

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I've been lurking on here for a bit but decided to actually say hi!


I've been trying to sort out where I fall in the aro/ace spectrum. I pretty sure I'm Aromantic and Quoiromantic because I don't really understand what the difference between platonic and romantic is, since it all seems subjective to time and culture and very arbitrary, but am also totally repulsed by societies romantic rituals, monogamy, the marketing of jealousy and possessiveness as "true" love, amatonormativity, romantic hierarchies and the whole relationship escalator and don't desire any of that with anyone.... Like at all. I'm also pretty sure I'm demisexual. However, I'm not really touch adverse and am in fact extremely tactile with a love language of Physical Touch (and quality time) and desire to be affectionate and cuddly  with all my friends... and definitely experience sensual attraction toward some people (including wanting to kiss or make out) without any desire to actually have sex. I think because of being Quoiromantic, I experience panalterous attraction to people where I want to really get to know them but also want to be affectionate and do sensual stuff with them as well, without all the romantic fluff, immediate expectation of sex, or scary long term commitments (marriage, children, etc.).  Kinda like a squish but with a strong physical component. It can also come with emotions but they aren't link to any desire to have a romantic relationship, just a desire to be emotionally and physically close. 


Does that make sense?

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This makes loads of sense! I am also a very physically affectionate aro and experience alterous attraction so it's nice to see another person like that. :)


Welcome to Arocalypse. Here's some aro ice cream for you: :aroicecream:

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