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Monogamy repulsion and attraction


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Putting this here because I'm not sure where else it might fit.

Monogamy is typically the expectation is many cultures. With even subcultures which might accept it as not being the only option still, IME, tending to see it as a default.

It is also somewhat more complex than it first appears. Having both a 'first person" and 'second person' aspect.
first person: "I want to be your one and only".

second person: "I want you to be my one and only"

It can also be divided into four types SexualEmotionalSocial and Activity


Sexual first person: "I want to have sex with you and only you".
Sexual second person: "I want you to have sex with me and only me".
With the caveat that "have sex" may mean different things to different people.

Emotional first person: “I will love you and only you.”
Emotional second person: "I want you to love me and only me".

With the caveat that "love" need not equate to "romantic love". Even though this kind of love lends itself well to such singular notions.

Social: This is very much about being seen as a "couple".

Activity first person: "I want to do this with you and only you".

Activity second person: "I want you to do this with me and only me".
This may overlap somewhat with sexual.

You could describe someone's feelings towards these of a scale from must have, very favourable, favourable, indifferent, unfavourable, very unfavourable to definitely not.
(As a numerical scale 3,2,1,0,-1,-2,-3 or 1000, 100, 10, 1, 0.1, 0.01. 0.001)
Socially normative is that everyone is "must have" or "very favourable" to all of these. My own position is, by contrast, "definitely not" for all.
I suspect that some people could be quite mixed in their attitudes. Is this kind of model useful?

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