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group squish or something. I'm bad at titles


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Hey all, I'm here again to overthink and overanalyze something that probably isn't actually that big of a deal.


I have a hazy understanding of romantic attraction at best and if I'm being completely honest, I doubt that most of us really understand it on a forum for aromantic people. What understanding I do have basically boils down to symptoms. You feel butterflies in your stomach but like, good butterflies. You constantly think about the person you like and want to spend tons of time around the person. These "symptoms" are the basis for the small realization that I had today.


Okay now its time for some backstory of the more personal sort. Earlier this year I joined my campus gsa. The group of people that I have befriended through them is an amazing group of people. They are the most accepting, loving, fun group of people I've ever met. Spending time around them makes me incredibly happy.


Okay. So today I realized that spending time around this group of people seems to give me the same "symptoms" as the things that have been explained to me as being part of a crush. Being with these people gives me good butterflies and I love being with them. However it can't be a crush or even a squish as this is a group of people that I feel this way about, not one specific person.


I am willing to bet that I am not the only person that has experienced this, but platonic feelings are talked about so little in general society that I genuinely have no idea if this is normal or not. I don't know if I'm the only one to think of this, or if it's a uniquely aromantic experience, or if its normal for all people. Or maybe I'm just overthinking everything like I always do. I'd love some input.

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I get something like this too sometimes. For me, it tends to be more individual, but I've figured it's mostly just "wow I'm so happy I got to know this person. I'm so lucky they're my friend". That at least feels right to me in my case. That could be what's going on?

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