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Who Am I?

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So I’m in my early teens and really not sure about my identity. I’m pretty sure I’m ace and still questioning whether or not I may be aro. 


I was first introduced to the concept of asexuality when a friend came out to me. It sort of rang a bell for me, and I started to do a little research, which led me to AVEN. After reading about asexuality and Googling it I eventually came across the term “aromantic.” I looked into that and realized this could be me too.


Everyone I know has had a crush, but I haven’t. I never realized this was weird until pretty recently, and I still don’t get why it’s such a big deal. My friends would always ask me who I liked and say I was lying when my answer was “no one.” But could I just be a “late bloomer?” I once saw someone on one of these forums write something along the lines of “The lack of a feeling doesn’t smack you in the face as much as the presence of one does.” I think this is true, and it just makes things complicated because there’s really no way to tell besides waiting indefinitely.


I know there are countless posts like this one, on AVEN and here and everywhere else on the Internet, but thoughts and experience would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for reading :)


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Who you are is not dependent on what label you use to describe your romantic or sexual preference. Use the label of you find it helpful, otherwise dont. Maybe you'll enjoy this discussion with a similar topic


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