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Qpr advice?


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This is a tough question because every person and situation is different.

Honesty, though, is usually the best way to go about things. :) You can bring up how much you value your friendship/relationship if you've already known them a while and tell them what kind of QPR you would like (things like, "I'd like to go out more" or "I'd like to be more cuddly with you" or whatever it is you want) - be clear about your expectations.


If they don't know what a QPR is, you may have to explain to them what it means to you (the best way of doing that is by telling them your expectations of a QPR with them, like above).


Then, if they want more information or are interested, set up boundaries and talk about their expectations of this kind of relationship so that before you go into it, you are both on the same page.


This might all mean just bringing this up in conversation (maybe after something nice they do or something otherwise positive), genuinely. Or it might mean writing a letter or slowly bringing up QPRs in general conversation and eventually asking their opinions.

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