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New Here, Romantic Ally

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Hi, I'm Em, and I am here to support aromantics as well as discuss platonic love and friendships with people who appreciate it more due to the fact that they don't like people in a romo way. While I am alloromantic (romantically bi), I do value friendships as much, if not more than romantic relationships. I've been single my whole life and am ok with that. I still want to get married and have kids eventually, but am waiting for the right person and am only pursuing platonic friendships until then. I will admit I used to think I was aromantic when I first realized I was asexual, but it isn't the case for me. Still, I like people platonically as much as I do romantically.

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Welcome ? I wasn`t on for a long time but I hope my greetings are still good enough 

It is really great to read that someone sees his friendships as important as romantic ralationships. I only know it the other way.

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So nice to have you here. :) Allies are always welcome (especially because sometimes aros like me on here really need an allo voice to compare to and understand)! I'm also really happy to hear about your respect for the importance of friendships - I think we can definitely have good conversations about that.

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