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Grace Arrow

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Hi, I'm Grace Arrow which, full disclosure, is a pseudonym.


I am a ciswoman, grayasexual and aromantic. I like to write and I like rock music. I found out I was aromantic when I read a fanfiction with an aromantic main character. I related to that character's experiences very strongly and after more research realised that I was aromantic. It was a life changing realization for me. I am in a happy queerplatonic relationship now and have many friends and a family member who know that I am aromantic and respect my sexual and romantic orientation.


I joined this forum for a sense of community and to meet more aromantic people. I hope to make many friends!

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It was in Haikyuu, a volleyball tournament anime. Would you like to read it? I could link it to you. It has a happy ending. I read it often because it makes me happy. The main character has a panic attack and experiences a depressive episode, but I don't remember any other triggering content.

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