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Sometimes I just want to mount a public awareness campaign about amatonormativity


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8 hours ago, Mark said:

They did do some age breakdown
Even with the youngest age group the "looking" is only 22%.

Something interesting is that whilst actual marriage rates have been declining the hyping of marriage/coupling within popular culture (matrimania) has been "ramped up".

There's also a breakdown between men and women.
Which seems very much at odds with the stereotype of women being "more romantic".

Oh thank you! And I see, well huh that’s interesting. And I did hear about that, maybe it’s a tactic to get more people to marry again? XD that’s also interesting, and it’s funny how that’s mentioned because in my own life I’ve noticed that woman can actually seem averted by acts or romance from men, which I always thought that stereotype was a bit strange. But thanks again for posting this information :)

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