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i may need help


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i just recently found out i never had any romantic feelings for my partner, or for any of my other several past relationships. but we’ve been together for 2 years and i don’t know how to tell him. i’m afraid of his reaction, like we were really good as friends and i liked it better, but i don’t wanna end it really nasty

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i know it's hard, i had to do it, but it's better for both of you that you tell him rather than continue to prolong it.  tell him that it's just your orientation, it has nothing to do with him personally, and that you really care about him (i assume) but in a different way--you love being his friend.  yes, it'll surely upset him, but if he cares about you and he's reasonable, he won't resent you.  any hostility towards you is not your fault.  good luck.

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