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I'm a little confused on where I am on the aro scale

Guest d030f...70c


Guest d030f...70c

 I know I am apothisexual and aromantic, but I would day dream about having a girlfriend (im female btw), like to just do the romantic part with, no sexual acts. before I had day dreamed about a boyfriend(same thing,only romance), but now I'm just like, why??? I like the idea of romance, but I not sure if I will actually like it. I have social anxiety too and would most likely not be in a romantic relationship unless I'm really close to them, I mean, I can barely talk to a friend without stuttering. I might be demi, but again, I might only like the idea of romance, and I  think  I  would  prefer   to  be in a relationship  a  girl  rather   than  a   boy. I'm not sure and I'm confused, so if anyone can help, thank you.


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