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Hello from the Philippines!

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Hello, fellow aromantics!

I am a gray demisexual gray-romantic who hails from the Philippines, and I am currently studying BS Materials Engineering in University of the Philippines - Diliman.


When I was introduced to romance at a relatively tender age, I have thought of it as a mere game that children play. I've had crushes here and there, but rarely, if ever, did I feel the desire to actually act on my romantic attractions to my crushes. Come the age of 12/13, and I developed a relatively cynical view of romance: it's just unnecessary emotional and mental drama in order to have a lifelong partner.


I've always wanted for myself a girlfriend with whom to share life's bittersweet glory, and, of all possibilities, eventually marry and become my lifelong spouse - but I have always thought of romance as just that: unnecessary emotional and mental drama just so one can have a lifelong partner, in this case a spouse. I've had my own slew of romantic attractions, but of all those romantic attractions I have felt serious romantic desire to only a handful of those people.


Anyways, it's nice to be part of a community who would help me discover who I am, a part of me whose existence I became aware of only after I had finished suffering from a devastating rejection.

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