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I made an Aro-spec Pizza (nearly)


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So yesterday I was thinking about what I was going to eat later when I remembered, in the thread about if we should have ice cream as a thing on Arocalypse, someone said 'green pizza' at some point which made me wonder what it would be like to actually make one.


And so, I went to the supermarket and hunted down a load of suff to put on said pizza. I ended up with pesto in the place of tomato sauce, green peppers, courgette, leeks and tender stem broccoli. Then you have white from mozzarella, pine nuts and the pizza base. (You even get a bit of black too 'cause it ended up slightly burnt)(there's also anchovies because I like to use them as seasoning, but they start with 'a' so they totally count)


And so, here's a link to the picture (inserting wouldn't work): http://imgur.com/4qNxCjH


Now you might notice it's a bit of a fat pizza... It was fine right up until I put it in the oven, then in the first 5 minutes of cooking it ballooned up into a giant monster. So I ended up being more of a flat bread loaf than a pizza xD


As for the taste, it's alright? I bought really cheap pesto which, it turns out, didn't taste of anything so it was blander than I wanted. Might be a good idea to use a cheese with a stonger flavour too.

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