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Christianity 2.0

The Angel of Eternity

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My mom says it reeks of cult and heresay, in that it's saying everyone can become divine, and become God.


When I was reading through this (and going to the actual website of it), I kind of ignored that because I thought it was exaggeration and they were saying we could become like God in being a good person and stuff.. I also noticed that nothing they said they reinforced with bible verses, though I assumed they would do that in whatever courses they were offering or whatever.

Honestly, when I was reading through it I kind of liked what it was saying, the call to be like Christ and a Good Person or whatever (or at least that was my interpretation), but that's found in normal Christianity anyways. The "divine masculine", "divine feminine" and "divine child" thing mildly confused me, but whatever.

It saying that Christianity has shifted from the original purpose and become different resonated with me (all these judgemental, hateful people calling themselves Christian)


It was interesting though.

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