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Hello everybody


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Hello :)

my name is Julia, I’m 19 years old and just came out to my parents and my friends as aromantic. While my friends don’t really understand but are really supportive, my parents just refused to believe that there is such a thing and said I just hadn’t found the ‘right one’.


So I’m really glad I found this forum :) 


Nice to meet you all,



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Welcome :aroicecream: have some aro icecream!

It is great your friends are supportive! If they want to know more I'm sure you can find some educational explanation stuff here, or even get ideas to work out your own way to teach them :) 

Harsh of your parents though. They probably don't understand, and don't want to understand right now. I hope this doesn't really negatively effect your relationship with them, but hey! you just got to cross off the central square in aromantic bingo  




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Thanks :) 

I can actually cross more than I would wish to from just that one conversation with my mother... 

but i guess she will come around, she just doesn’t understand that it’s nothing that’s wrong with me and that I’m not unhappy with it ^^

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