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  1. Lia

    Hogwarts Houses!

    Gryffindor, Erudite and child of aphrodite I always liked Slytherin a lot more but I guess with my adrenaline addiction it's kind of obvious I'm more of a Gryffindor And I guess aphrodite is not fitting at all...? But if the quiz thinks so
  2. I think the biggest problem coming out is that most people don't even now about aromanticism. My friends reacted really well but they already knew that I wasn't interested in romantic relationships so it was merely explanation and a label for something they already were aware of. My mother straight out rejected the idea :'D It was pretty cliche, the whole you just haven't found the right guy, you just need to open up more and let people get to know you and then she seemed so sad by the thought that anyone might end up without a romantic partner that I kinda gave up because it was really upsett
  3. I always assumed i was straight and just hadn't met anyone worthy of my attention and because I always kinda blocked everyone interested in me without realizing it (so I've been told) I kinda assumed no one was really interested in me (which is strangely depressing for me considering that normally I have quite a high self-esteem). Then someone got interested in me and i actually noticed (took me only about half a year \o/) and I realized that there is no attention to be worthy of romance wise.
  4. My parents are absolutely sickeningly sweet together (my father makes jewelry as a hobby and forged them new wedding rings at some workshop while they were on holidays together :'D) but never really pressured me into anything. I know how much they want that for me and they really can't understand me being aromantic (it was kinda like no you aren't you just have to be more open) I always saw romantic relationships as something positive (still do if all people involved are happy with it) and I really like the idea of somebody having someone like that, this ideal picture of true love but fi
  5. Lia

    would you rather

    Damnit why does it have to be something scary? abandoned asylum. I would freak out so much no matter which I choose but at least in the asylum I wouldn't have to deal with the weather WYR be able to breath under water and swim really good but suffocate when you're higher than 500 m above sea level or be able to fly but drown when trying to swim in anything bigger than your bathtub?
  6. Hello Nice to meet you! Love your introduction I had some similar dating experience ^^ I just said yes because I had no idea what to do and didn't know I was aromantic and broke it off two weeks later because it was so damn awkward to hold his hand and to kiss him >_< My first and most likely last romantic relationship So welcome to the forum and have some aroicecream
  7. Hello I just found out about aromanticism and like you I had that wow thats me moment And I totally get the doubt and the fear of people not accepting it. It's absolutely valid to be hurt by a persons reaction because being aromantic is an orientation like every other and you shouldn't have to feel bad about being hurt when you're "just" aromantic (there's nothing "just" about it, it is absolutely valid!). I know it's difficult sometimes because many people have never heard of it so they don't understand it, but if they dismiss it or tell you something hurtful or that you just haven't
  8. I just broke up with my boyfriend after two weeks(!) because I was feeling trapped in the relationship and I kinda already knew that I didn't really want a romantic relationship but just went along with it because I felt like I was supposed to be happy because it was finally happening... Well I felt terrible, he was all cute and really nice and everything I could have wanted (if I wanted a romantic relationship to begin with) but it just wasn't and I'm just really happy it's over and I can be happily single again
  9. That’s genius! I totally get it. I don’t think I would have come out to my parents and only to a few of my friends if I hadn’t been breaking up with my boyfriend (because I couldn’t realize I’m aro before getting together with him when now it seems so obvious to me -.-‘) and didn’t want to lie about why it didn’t work out. Just do what feels right to you
  10. Thanks I can actually cross more than I would wish to from just that one conversation with my mother... but i guess she will come around, she just doesn’t understand that it’s nothing that’s wrong with me and that I’m not unhappy with it ^^
  11. I just came out to two of my best friends who where both really cool about it and encouraged me to come out to my parents so I talked with my mom today, but it was really difficult. She didn’t know the term aromantic and just dismissed it completely. She’s normally really tolerant and open but that didn’t even seem like an option to her. She just told me that I needed to be more open and just hadn’t found the right guy yet... I’m quite hurt by it because I don’t feel bad about being aro, that’s just who I am, but she acted like it was ruining my life and that life without romantic relati
  12. Hello my name is Julia, I’m 19 years old and just came out to my parents and my friends as aromantic. While my friends don’t really understand but are really supportive, my parents just refused to believe that there is such a thing and said I just hadn’t found the ‘right one’. So I’m really glad I found this forum Nice to meet you all, Julia
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