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My introduction

Nana Beluzzi

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My name is Mariana and I'm currently living in the UK although im from Portugal. I first encountered the term aromatic a couple of years ago and since then it always stayed with me and I found it strangely comfortable. Although being already out as Queer I struggled to understand and separate both my sexual and my romantic identities and that's why it took me so long to accept myself as being in the aromatic spectrum. 


I love romantic stories although I see them more as fairy tale or fantasy (which I also really love) and not as something real and achievable, at least for myself. To me seeing two people in love is like a dramatic scene coming out of a film, greatly exaggerated and full of special effects and I love seeing it but I don't fantasise with experiencing it, actually I want it really far away from me.


All of this said I really hope I can get along with everyone here, if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask! ?

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Hello and Welcome!

Yeah, struggling to understand and separate attractions are hard especially if they are present in some murky way. 

Isn't most love in media a sort of fantasy anyway? or maybe I am just thinking of romcoms, those have got to be at least 80% fantasy. I also enjoy watching them sometimes too! but yes I agree with you as it seeming fairy-tale-like, certainly as some sort of entertainment and not something to base your life on (I went to high school with someone who tried pulling an 'Edward Cullen' ...it did not turn out well) :P 


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