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Angel Cake

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I'm a writer and I just finished my recent story (I still have to go through and edit it a million times) and I'm going to be starting a new story called Angel Cake! It's in the outline phase right now, but I have most of the basic plot in my head. It's basically a story about a fallen angel who is working with a friend to try to redeem his angel status. It's going to be a completely romance free story. It's going to be a shorter one, but I thought that it would be something most people on this site would really think is good??? I guess?? I don't know, but I do know it's going to be a while before I can actually release the story! I'll keep updates on it posted throughout the process!

This is a link to the cover art that I made for it ⬇️


I'm not the best writer in the world but I try my best! I do take critiques into consideration, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to get better at writing I'll gladly accept them! I would link my finished story but it's not done (editing), fully posted yet, and it has some romance in it, so I'm not entirely sure it would fit into any of the categories here.

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That sounds cool. What platform would you use to share it? I hope you can find some insight to perceptions of friendship by reading things on this site (basically I hope our random chats on the forums can help you in some small way)


On 14/01/2018 at 3:33 PM, IsyKix said:

a story about a fallen angel

Fallen angel as in Satan or a demon who was kicked out of heaven, or like Amenadiel in the TV show Lucifer who loses his wings and gets 'stuck' or like Angel Fever by Isobelle Carmody which is a literal fall out of the sky which results in a broken wing? 

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I was thinking more along the lines of the second option! However, a lot changes whenever I write out the storyline because of plotholes, so it could be a mixture of some of them?? Sorry for replying so late btw I don't have notifications on

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On 14/02/2018 at 10:29 AM, IsyKix said:

I don't have notifications

They never seem to pop up well for me either, plus no one expects people to stalk lurk here like I used to. 


I really like stories about angels, just to see how the author deals with the preconceived notions about the divine. I beta'd a work about genetic experiments that resulted in winged humans and that was all about parallels with birds but reading into the meaning there were interesting aspects that could be taken as comments into a modern religious mind. I wish you luck!

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