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Okay, so I came out to my partner as aromantic very recently. We had already been together when I told him.  I'm a very physically affectionate person and he knows that nothing will change, aside from that fact that I'd rather call our relationship a queerplatonic one instead of a romantic one. But he still seems a bit hesitant. Has anyone gone though something similar and have any tips on how to help him feel more comfortable as I continue to figure out where I stand on the aromantic spectrum? 



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Welcome Henry! Have some icecream :aroicecream:

Personally I never had to go through this situation so my advice is not based on experience but I guess reassure him that you feel the same as you always have towards him, you are just learning more about yourself. He might not want to go through the whole discovering yourself process with you (so just revise the highlights with him occasionally), or he might (in which you could ask him to join you exploring forums about aromanticism to learn about commonly shared experiences and the diversity there is). He might just be having trouble getting his head to understand something that might seem completely foreign, so maybe explaining things differently or giving examples might help. 

I hope someone else posts who has actually dealt with this. Welcome and good luck!

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I told my boyfriend that I'm aro before we even got together and we're the best of friends.

I also am an affectionate person and he knew from the beginning that a label like aromantic wasn't going to define our relationship.

I told him I would do what I was comfortable with, and that he should ask about whatever he was unsure about.

That's actually the key point: communication. Most of the things or doubts he might have about it or some things you might be unsure about you can always talk about. Explain it to him the way it feels for you and assure him that your feelings won't change becausr you want to name your relationship a different way.

I hope you two work it out (: 

Please ignore anything I said if you think different, just trying to give advice like I would want to receive.

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