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Plural gender pronouns

Apathetic Echidna

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I identify as cisfemale basically because I am okay with it.... and can't be bothered to see if I fit another term better. However besides the she, her, -ess and the Romance and Slavic feminine gendered words I am also completely fine with the plural pronouns. I don't speak in third person (except to trolls) though I have used 'we' as pluralis modestiae (or was it pluralis majestatis? :P ) for some university courses and it slipped into my vocabulary for a time. I am wondering how common it is to be accepting of pronouns that don't exactly fit your gender identity.  

Any other cis blasé about it as long as you don't get called "that *insert name as pronoun here*"?

And non-cis, what do you think? am I fitting the whole 'I don't get that discrimination so I have the luxury not to care' stereotype? or do you also not mind as long as it is gender neutral?



I also use the collective 'guys' and 'mates' as nongendered terms (but I think that might just be the group slang I grew up with). Do you agree or not?

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I'm not sure this counts, but I grew up with long hair. As a kid, I was often mistaken for a girl. It mostly went away with puberty, but there are still exceptions whenever I leave it out long. I get complimented on my eyelashes more than any other physical feature. I don't think I mind it, honestly. My parents raised me without much in the way of gender roles, so I don't care. I used to hate it because I was afraid my friends would make a big deal out of it. Meh. It's fine now.

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