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The Slow and the Curious

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I'm a veteran online boat rocker who's swinging by to check things out and see how I like it here. For more information I use the same nick elsewhere on the internet.


As my profile indicates, I'm agnostic about gender because of my belief that a person truly understands gender only if they personally experience it, which usually occurs because the person's gender is a personal issue. My gender has never been a personal issue for me, so I don't feel that I have an intelligible concept of gender. I like to be respectful and tolerant but don't want to pretend I understand things I don't understand.


As for romantic and sexual orientation, i went through the identification fluidity grinder for many years and finally decided to whiz on it and just live my life, doing whatever makes sense and is ethical at any given moment regardless of how I might label myself in advance. That can make it tough for other people to predict what I might do, which can make it tough for them to decide what to do with regard to me, so I'm really sorry that I can't help people out there, but I can't.


See you on forum.

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