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  1. (is this too long for a status update? I don't know where else to put my rant) Reallllly annoyed today because in one of my classes, we were told to do a project about a specific date related to social justice issues (it is a social justice class, after all) and so I was saying how I was thinking about doing either Asexuality Awareness Week or Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week  (major step out of my comfort zone, literally the first time in my life I ever said the words "asexual" and "aromantic" out loud, very proud of myself). So the teacher listens in to my conversation, obviously means well, but then starts talking about asexuality as a mental illness (and aromanticism, too, I guess, but she obviously doesn't know much). And then some other dude in the class agreed (though I'm not convinced he heard right), and then my sort-of friend, (who is openly gay) says it's a mental illness too, and I was very upset. And then I mentioned that it's not considered a mental illness, I forget how they reacted to that, but it wasn't enough of a response that I was placated. Later I mentioned aromanticism to my sort-of friend, who was like, "Don't worry, you'll find someone," (seriously, dude, do you not understand what I'm saying?)  to which I of course replied, "Screw you" (though in a sort of joking voice because I do that automatically so as to not horribly offend people; I honestly wish I had said that more offendedly so he would get the point). But I'm still annoyed, because everyone was 20 miles deep into misconceptions and misunderstandings, and it upsets me so much that people know so little.

    1. Neir


      Being pathologized is something I have dealt with too and I really strongly identify with your feelings here! (As well as your Screw You attitude!) I remember finding scientific studies online that debunked the whole ace/aro=mentally ill thing and that helped me feel better, so know that science is on your side. You're right to be mad about your teacher's and peers' reactions though; I'm so annoyed on your behalf. Sending good vibes your way. You're in the right.

    2. The Angel of Eternity

      The Angel of Eternity

      In April, I did a report on asexuality and romanticism in my English class, though, thankfully, I didn't get any reactions of invalidation. However, if I'd gone through the reactions of invalidation, I could see myself getting into warrior mode. Their reactions kind of remind me of cult mentality, to be honest.....

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