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  1. I seriously think we doubled the number of aussies on this site in the past two nights.

    1. RedNeko


      I was thinking that too

    2. Dodgypotato


      We're taking over!

    3. brsajo



  2. When you have to write a 2000 word essay, and it takes you six hours to write the first 600 words. This is going to take a while.

    1. Dodgypotato


      Transfer to astro. None of that shit here! ;)

    2. Zema


      But I like being able to do chemistry as well as physics.

    3. Dodgypotato


      My friend is doing chem every year as well as astro. : P

  3. It's so funny when my dog twitches and barks in her sleep :D

  4. Two pigeons landed on my friends arm while he was talking on the phone today. One of the greatest photos I have ever taken.

    1. Dodgypotato


      haha they are so fearless in adelaide! You'll have to show me tomorrow. The other day mum was walking along Victoria square, and there was a pigeon in her path. She expected it to move but it just stood right in front of her and wouldn't budge. She had to walk around it.

    2. Spud


      Wow! That's so cute!

    3. Zema


      Well, I was eating pringles, and the pigeons were picking up the crumbs that fell out of my mouth. And so we had about 10 pigeons surrounding us. Some of them tried to land on the edge of a bench that was a sloped piece of metal, but as soon as they landed they starting slipping so they had to flap their wings to stay on. They looked pretty ridiculous.

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  5. Zema

    So i was sitting in a food court with dodgypotato, when we saw this. Is this where all the clones live?UxMyaX2.jpg

    1. Spud


      This may or may not be the case :ph34r:

    2. Dodgypotato


      We may have to investigate this further.

  6. That feeling when you win a master ball in the lottery in pokemon y.


  7. That feeling when you should be doing an assignment, but kerbal space program is calling out to.....

  8. The change one word thread is out of hand. It's just 2fast2quick4me.

    1. DannyFenton123


      It's worse than CAPSLOCKIA :o

  9. My brother is studying hard for his exam on tuesday. What exam? Dark souls 3 of course

  10. Woo! Just started mid-semester break. Time to put the "pro" in "procrastination".

    1. Robin


      Excuse me? I have a PhD in Procrastination...at least I would have, but I never bothered to finish it.

  11. Saw a monster of an insect at uni today. It was 2 inches long and about one and a half cm wide. Had to take a picture of it.

    1. Rising Sun

      Rising Sun

      Wow ! What kind of insect is it ?

    2. DannyFenton123
    3. Zema


      Some kind of giant moth a think.

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