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  1. Hmm. Both have biological connections though. For someone who is not colour-blind, the lowest wavelength sensitivity peak is the range commonly defined as blue, thus I can establish an objective, physical measurement of blue. In the same way, we can find consciousness in the brain. I believe there is research into what areas of the brain are critical for someone to be conscious. Thus isn't it reasonable that we could develop an objective definition of consciousness?
  2. Hi! Welcome and nice to meet you! Oooh BNHA!
  3. I never really had any concept of myself in terms of romanticism, sexuality, or gender before I started to question whether I might be ace or aro. Then everything kinda cascaded and now I'm spending all my free money on pride stuff.
  4. A couple months ago, my college program hosted high school seniors for a night so they could see what the school and program were like. I didn't learn till after they left that one of them had a crush on me. My roommate and a few other friends told me it was 'obvious', but I had no idea.
  5. I don't accept your demands. Your surrender maybe.
  6. I'm sorry, I'm on holiday, but I will compete more soon.
  7. It's more formal, but I'm fairly certain its actually more proper.
  8. Granted. They are all corrupted. I wish i could remember to write wishes.
  9. I got kinda high scores at least.
  10. my beloved fullstop wait now i cant do elipsis argh this gets more difficult the more i do it
  11. A Japanese student vs a student of Japanese?
  12. Granted: Noone does anything but stare at you in rapture. Infrastructure collapses. Power networks quickly die, food stops being produced, transport becomes extremely difficult. See https://what-if.xkcd.com/8/ for a similar dystopia scenario.
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