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  1. It's just that cis aroaces need to remember that even though they're lgbt it doesn't mean they can't be asses. I asked them WHY they thought that was appropriate and their response was basically "Meh. We're lgbt so we can say queer and tranny and fag." They need to start treading more carefully, especially around those with anxiety/depression/bpd etc. and those who have been abused. I'm not saying all cis aces are evil, just that they need to get their act together, and that if you use the "I'm lgbt I can do this, this and this," and that if you are offensive in that way you need to leave/try and stop being so ew before you screech "IM QUEER" at the top of your lungs.
  2. I know this is a touchy subject, but it needs to be covered. When people are doing the Discourseā„¢ and it's a cis aroace person, it almost ALWAYS gets ugly. I was defending the right to be in the Lgbtq+ community as long as you're not rude/transphobic etc, and I got called, by not one, but 2 cis aro aces a "nigger" a "monkey" a "queer" in an offensive way, and a fucking SLAVE. At this point in time i identify as Aro, and after telling them this they told me "I hope you get AIDS you allosexual tranny" Now I'm all for reclaiming slurs, but here's the thing: YOU CANT RECLAIM A SLUR IF YOUVE NEVER IDENTIFIED OR BEEN CALLED SAID SLUR. If cis aroace people are behaving like this, calling trans people slurs and other minorities racist thing, i do not see why they should be excluded. I'm not saying ALL cis aces should be excluded just the homophobic/transphobic and racist ones. Feel free to discuss lol
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