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  1. Basically, I just never understood the whole 'dating' shebang. Like, watching couples at school bicker and fight, and break up then get back together. I just never understood the appeal? Or why people kept getting back together after these explosive fights - that I only ever heard about second-hand like a month after it had happened from one of my friends. I remember being maybe about 12? And hearing an Ed Sheeran song about some love thing or another, and just complaining to my mother about how all anyone ever sings about is love. There were other moments, but this memory is most vivid.
  2. Hey! Personally, I discovered asexuality first, and dismissed the idea that I could be aromantic entirely. For me, I think my mind had been so enamoured with this saturated concept of love in media and storytelling, that I just couldn't picture myself without it. Then, similarly to what you've described, I started to actually analyse my feelings as opposed to my beliefs, and discovered that I had never actually felt that romantic attraction feeling thing in my own experience. I spent time reading what other people had experienced and trying to relate it to my life. I think, defi
  3. Hey, don't know if you've found a solution yet but I wanted to drop in. I'm with you on the whole short hair thing, my father has always been very, 'don't do this', 'you can't do that', 'you're my baby girl' etc. My mother isn't as bad, but not helpful. For me, when I wanted to cut my hair I did it for a charity. Shave for a Cure, to be precise. My parents couldn't argue too much with that without looking like utter assholes and well...despite my father in particular initially being vehemently against (his first response when I told him was 'NO you're not'), he ended up coming to school t
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