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  1. I'm not in to dating myself; very rarely do it and am happy enough on my own. I did really enjoy her company though, I've never really clicked with anyone like that. I didn't really feel uncomfortable around her, only when the relationship was supposed to deep/move to next level. Oh it was so uncomfortable, definitely not normal! If it was, then no one would be in a romantic relationship!
  2. I'm nearly 37, not out to anyone although since a recent (and pretty much only) 3 month relationship ended, I've accepted myself and that I just do not require sex and/or romance. I used to have terrible anxiety as I'm an only child and am expected to procreate, but I think my parents are aware that that ship has sailed.
  3. YMBAI when you don't fear rejection, you fear reciprocation and a positive response. I don't want to seduce you, I just want to be your friend!!
  4. I asked a girl out (I'm male) when I was 9 or 10 (after a friend said that she liked me). She said yes and I immediately felt dread and fear. I had to go home I felt that bad. I broke it off a couple of days later. Any other girls that expressed interest to me in my teens would cause the same reaction. Made me hate myself as my mates were all going crazy for girls.
  5. Interesting. I've been actively avoiding relationships since I was 9/10, and I'm mid 30s now. Have had plenty of women interested in the past, and I just feel very uncomfortable..like going to toilet and wretching uncomfortable. I just feel out place in a world where all men seem to be guided by their labido, and I'm not. I actually just like to talk to women. Thought I was gay (which gave me major anxiety) for a long long time, as it made sense if I didn't want to get emotionally close to a woman; but men don't do anything for me either. Keep thinking that I'd like a companion, but just can't override this gut feeling of mine. It's crippling.
  6. Does aromantasism just mean a lack of interest in having being in a romantic relationship, or does it conjure up a deep sense of dread/anxiety/nausea? I find if someone has an interest in me, then I feel very uneasy about it, and I have to leave the situation...basically due to fear. It's ok as I don't want (or at least) think that I don't want to be in a relationship. By the way, I'm male and this is regarding interested females. I can't comment about males as I've not experienced this. Pretty sure I'm asexual as well, yet have slept with some females. So not sex averse, I find it kind of enjoyable, even if no desire to do it. I'm asking as I recently got out of a brief relationship with a girl, she ended it as she said that it was one sided and I was cold and non-romantic. I kind of agree as I was anxious and would not let the relationship deepen. When she ended it, I could have saved it, yet I didn't as I felt so damn uncomfortable at the thought of it. So it's over now. Yet I do really really miss her, and I know she was hurt as well. Really sucks. I won't be doing this again, don't want to hurt anyone else. 😞
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