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  1. I shall prefix this by saying I already know questioning does take quite a long time and figuring things out takes time but I am an impatient teenager so here I am. I have been questioning whether or not I am aromantic for a little over a year now. I did identify as such for about a month when I first discovered the term. It felt as if things clicked into place. I searched up terms and videos and found the word cupioromantic. In a way I felt as if that fit. It may still fit to this day but I am unsure. I believe I had crushes when I was younger but I cannot be sure because I was a child. Recently I have said I have had some but deep down I feel as if I am lying. That whatever I am feeling isn't truly a crush. It most likely isn't. I am confused about what romantic attraction feels like. People have described it to me before I do not hold back from asking nor do I hold back from asking what crushes feel like. Most people say they cannot describe it or say that they feel butterflies in their stomach, they get nervous, and flustered. I have never experienced that as far as I can recall. In fiction I read romantic stories and the way they explain things is quite beautiful but I still have a difficulty relating. In a way I can experience the feeling through my imagination while reading but that is just pretend. Not actual attraction. This happens with love songs as well. It is important to note I am attached to the idea of romance. I do want to know what it feels like but I don't know if I already know. I read romantic fiction (pining, dates, generic love stories, etc.) though sometimes I cannot stand it. This goes for the songs again as well. In the past I have had romantic relationships- if they could be called that- most only lasted three days at most before I broke them off due to anxiety and discomfort. The longest one I have had lasted a month and it started off as a queerplatonic relationship before becoming romantic. I broke that one off as well. In theory relationships can sound nice but they can also seem suffocating and in practice they usually are. That is why I leave fast. Kissing sounds good in theory too though I have never put it to practice and I have only ever platonically held hands and gave hugs. Romantic gestures seem amazing. I love the idea of cooking a candlelight dinner, drinking from wineglasses, while rose petals are scattered on the floor. Going slow dancing with a partner while we are both dressed fancily. There are more but they are mostly extravagant such as these. I know these are rather silly but once again I am a teenager and when comfortable I am quite dramatic and dare I say extra. I don't know. I don't think I have ever felt romantic attraction but I cannot be sure. I would like to hear people's thoughts on this. Thank you!
  2. hello! you may call me remy on here. i joined this forum so i could learn more about aromanticism and talk to people who are aromantic themselves! i am currently questioning where and if i fall on the aromantic spectrum.
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