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Sooo hi.

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Hey there, I'm Jen!  Somebody posted the link to here on a facebook group I belong to, so I figured I'd come over here and say hi. I'm thirty, have WAY too many craft projects going at any given time, fully embrace my status as a crazy cat lady, and enjoy reading, writing, and roleplaying games.  I am a total nerd and love it.  Right now I do data entry full time--I would very much NOT like to do data entry full time.  Right now I'm dancing around going back to school for nursing, even though I already have a degree in something completely different.


I am aro-ace, which I figured out somewhere in my early to mid-twenties--by which I mean I actually found labels and realized they fit who I was.  Before that, I basically identified with a shrug. 


Right now, I'm surrounded by people who have gone the romance and family and kids route, and I'm trying to figure out where my path leads, and trying to connect with more people who are going in a similar direction. 


Nice to meet all of you guys!

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Heyo! 19 and also aroace here. I feel you on the "trying to figure out where my path leads" thing...when I found out I was aroace, all of a sudden it was like the map of my future got blanker than ever before. It was liberating in a sense, but also frustrating, since I've got alloromantic queerplatonic friends who most likely would not be sharing their futures with me (#hoorayForRomanticPartners). As of late, my response has been to actually rip up my map altogether and just give up on the idea of my path going anywhere. The point is, I'm walking, and I like the folks I'm walking with.





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