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Femboy vs Fembro

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We have all heard of femboys. A guy that prefers to dress or act feminine. Femboys are not merely a sexual kink, not all of them are into being seen and talked to in a  hypersexual manner, not all of them are gay etc.

Now what on earth is a fembro? This meme explains it quite well. Its actually the first and last time I have ever heard of this...uh...aesthetic.

The femboy wants to cuddle, look cute, wears pink, basically hyperfeminine. The fembro wants to wrestle, wears a cap, looks like a jock. Bro energy is radiating from this individual. How is this dude feminine? Well its in the long hair, eyeliner, and arched hips.

Not a femboy, and not a tomboy? Instead a fembro is a strange combination of both which in theory shouldn't be logically conceivable. Now this is where we get into the quintessential essence of the fembro paradox.

Ultimately a fembro is a delicate balancing act of a guy appearing feminine enough to look like a tomboy while actually being a dude. In a nutshell its a tomboy aesthetic but for guys.

Take a minute to digest this idea and also let me explain the aro flags around the private region. If you look for this image you will notice both drawing are packing some luggage down under if you catch my drift. There's no nudity, just a considerable bulge. I wanted to keep this image pg for the forum.

Here are some questions for this new aesthetic. What are some more examples of fembro fashion? I think this aesthetic could take off. How does one look feminine as a dude while wearing masculine tomboy esque threads. I guess you need to wear make up to some degree while also wearing some suits.

Maybe a pink suit with makeup while acting masculine. Is that fembro? I think so but I would like to geek out about more looks for this under rated aesthetic which to me at least has untapped potential.



Screen Shot 2024-06-30 at 4.38.39 PM(1).png

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You learn something new every day.


I guess people could pull this off by emphasizing the more feminine traits in themselves, growing out their hair and putting on makeup, and then acting like a man.

I also think that there is a vague line of separation between acting like a tomboy and acting like a man, which might just be that tomboy know that they are girls, while men are men, but idk.


Now that I see the words tomboy and femboy next to each other, I have to ask, why is being a tomboy more socially acceptable than being a femboy?

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3 hours ago, P4R4D0X said:


Now that I see the words tomboy and femboy next to each other, I have to ask, why is being a tomboy more socially acceptable than being a femboy?


Good question. In my opinion it goes back to the patriarchy. Men have often been seen as better. Men are the leaders, go getters, they get stuff done. Woman are conditioned to obey men, and had lower roles such as maids or matrons.

Now from an insecure sexist mans brain I can see why femboys are sneered at. Femboys are dudes who have chosen to emulate the weaker gender.

I suppose sexist woman think men should be the breadwinners not soft spoken sensitive weaklings so basically same toxic patriarchal tendencies from men except they want their big man to provide and protect them.

Tomboys dared to become men, to become the apex gender rather than stay in their subservient gender status. Femboys on the other hand are merely weak men. 

This is all just speculation for what goes on in the minds of sexists who reinforce the patriarchy. 

Also their are some men who are attracted to femboys and deny this by acting unnecessarily aggressive towards their acceptability.



On the subject of fembro fashion. I remembered David Bowie existed, and then I found this radical picture of a kiss band member and thought. Yep...Thats 100% what I mean by a fembro aesthetic.

Rock and roll, specifically in the 80s! Thats it Chief! Now I know Its the extreme end of fembro fashion, and there are probably more subtle ways to nail the look.




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