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I usually think that being aromantic is so cool and I love it, then I remember we'll always break others' hearts and it sucks. We will never love an alloromantic person in the way they love us/the way they want us to love them, we will always break their heart even if we really care about them and it makes me feel so bad

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I get what you're saying here. There was someone who had a crush on me for many years, some of my friends who know him even say he was in love with me (which honestly I don't like to think about, that just feels weird to me (we're teenagers btw)). Last year, my friends told them I'm aromantic and I don't know everything obviously, but I know that knowing I wouldn't like him back made them really depressed for a while, and just in a really bad state. I do feel sorry for him, and wish that didn't happen to him, but I will never, ever be sorry for not liking someone back. It's not in my control, and I won't apologize for who I am. Romance and attraction is tough, and annoying (I'm actually grayromantic, and got a crush this year for the first time in four years (or possibly ever, not sure if the first one was actually a crush), and lemme tell you, it sucks) and I'm sorry people have to go through it, but I have no control over my attraction or anyone else's, so I don't feel bad about breaking anyone's heart - I just feel bad that their heart gets broken. In the end, the best thing you can do is just offer to support them in any way you can, and be a good friend. 

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