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when your friends talk about romance and youre like :/

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my friends were talking randomly talking about wedding dresses in the library (for context, we are 13) and when they turned to me i was like 'romance is disgusting' and then in a quieter voice 'you're all going to get married and leave me by myself all alone' 


i mean they might 


but i have a laptop and minecraft now 

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Hey, take it from someone a bit older, your true friends won't leave you when they start dating or get married or whatever. Yeah, they'll probably have the "honeymoon phase" of new relationships, but they'll always come back to hanging out with you.

However, and this might suck to hear (sorry), but you can't expect any kind of relationship to last when you call the other person/people's interests disgusting. You don't have to lie to them, but you can just say "I'm not going to get married," or even "I don't care about romance personally."

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