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What if I'm aroace?

Guest char24


I have known and identified as asexual and bi for years, and have dated people before and am currently in a relationship.

I generally enjoy the idea of being in a relationship, and love my bf, he is kind, loving and genuinely cares, I care about him a lot, and generally love our relationship.

But for a while I have been questioning if I'm aromantic, I questioned it a lot last year, but then someone asked me out, I enjoyed their company and said yes, however when they told me they loved me it made me uncomfortable and eventually due to that and other things I ended the  relationship. I thought them telling me they loved me made me uncomfortable because of how soon it was, I'm unsure if this is the case.

3 months ago I started to talking to someone, I really liked talking to them, we have similar interests and values,we connected really fast.

I was aware he liked me and thought/think I felt the same way, I asked him out and we've been together since. I'm happy in the relationship and genuinely care about him.

But for the last while, the thoughts of being aromantic continued and ive been thinking about it a lot, I don't know if that's what I am, but I am unsure who to talk to, I don't know how to talk to my friends about it,they know I'm in a relationship and care about him, I feel I can't bring it up to him, cause he may think I just don't care for him, but I do and I don't want to break his heart, and what if I'm wrong and I'm not aro, I've ruined an amazing, happy relationship?

I guess I'm looking for advice? Or better ways to truly figure out if I'm aromantic or just very asexual? 

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