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Soo many microlabels!

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I've had this thing for a while and I thought about it a bit. So, I came to the conclusion that I might be aroflux. Sometimes (most of the time) I'm just romance averse and only repulsed by the thought of romance that involves me somehow, but sometimes also apothiromantic and disgusted by romance entirely. Usually I'm fine with the concept of romance but sometimes I want to avoid it to no end, because of how weird I feel about it. I kind of feel annoyed by the apothiromantic part, because as you already know, romance is absolutely everywhere and unavoidable. It isn't fun being repulsed by it. At the same time I guess I could be desinoromantic, because I can sometimes "like" someone in (platonic) ways that don't really ever turn into me loving them. I don't know, there's so many microlabels

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The amazing part is that there are so many microlabels for all of us to see what exact experience as an arospec we may be having, but the downside is that sometimes a few microlabels may overlap 😅 

I personally haven't heard of the microlabel desinoromantic and so that was cool to learn that there's a word for the experience!

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