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I’m confused please help me

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I have a alterous crush on my friend and we are very close and open with each other so he knows. He has romantic feelings for me and we have discussed maybe being in a possible relationship but i don’t want to date at all. We feel completely different things for each other. I just feel emotional closeness in an intimate way, I dont feel romantic for him in any way and he wants to be in a romantic relationship but I feel uncomfortable with that. I do wish to be intimate with him like things people do in relationships but at the same time it makes me uncomfortable and I don’t want to do it at all. I’m confused how to go about this. I feel like I’m deceiving him, I do want to be with him but for some reason it just doesn’t feel right. I feel disgusted with the thought of being with him and doing intimate things but at the same time I crave it. Is there something wrong with me? I feel like I’m leading him on and idk what to do

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First of all you should be honest with him and tell him everything, what kind of relationship do you want, basically what you have written here. 

On both being uncomfortable with romantic things and craving it... I don't know why it happens, but again if you tell him maybe you can figure out together what to do about it. Just don't pressure yourself into doing uncomfortable things (esp to please the other party). 

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