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Guy gave me his number but I don't want it.

Guest HELP!!!


Guest HELP!!!

I was at work and a customer kept asking me questions about boyfriends and I stupidly didn't think about it or catch on to his meaning (cause guys "joke" like this all the time) and answered all his questions (though I clearly stated that I was not looking for a relationship).

I though it was over until he gave me his number.

Problem is that his boss is a frequent shopper where I work which means I'm likely going to see him often.

I told my mom about it and she said not to respond if I'm not interested. Which would normally be fine with me, but again, he's going to constantly show up at my job.

Is not responding the right way to go?

(I've also been paranoid about the recent news about women rejecting men and getting beat up, so I'm extra nervous about this.)

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Don't respond to him. Try to ignore him in your job and if he try "something", just tell him strongly you're not interrested (maybe more times, some people are slow to understand). Good luck🍀

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