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i'm aro spec and more on the part where i like romance. some of that is being in a relationship too. you have no idea how many times i've heard people say they didnt think i was aro because of how much i like romance. 2/4 of the people i've been with have not respected my aro identity and actually forgot that i was aro at many points. reasons why we are not together anymore. i really just want a partner who actually respects me. all my friends have cute partners and it sucks. i've been single for 3 months, the last person i actually liked (and respected my aro identity) we broke up 6 months ago. in those 6 months i was in 2 relationships with the same person cos i honestly just felt bad for her and i think she tricked me- anyway. in those 6 months i got idk how many new hobbys. i started playing 3 different intruments and like 5 new handcraft things! i dont have anymore things to do! i dyed my hair 5 times! and cut my hair! QPR's are so unpredictible, and aro people are so freaking hard to find! why are they so hard to find!?  it annoys me. i just came here to yap honestly, suprised if anyone even read this. well thanks<3

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i feel this too. you're not alone. I wish there were answers for us, but I'm still looking. I wish you the best of luck

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