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Hi from North Bay

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Hi Everyone! 

I am very new and have never been a part of a forum before, but I am exploring what aromantic means to me right now but I definitely associate with the community and am currently using the label aromantic to see if it fits with me, as that is the label I relate most to right now. I am looking for similar people who might be able to share their experiences with me and talk about being aromantic freely and maybe help me feel not so alone. 

I figured out I was asexual over 4 years ago and have recently been exploring that I might also be aromantic. I have always know that the way I interact with people and potential partners will always be different then what is presented in the media and from my friends. Although recently I'm not sure if I even want to be a part of the dating world, as previously I have always liked romantic things in my head, but when I did them in real life I didn't like it very much or I was just indifferent towards it. 

I am currently studying Fine Arts and Marketing in post-secondary, and my favorite subject is Art History. I love all things about crafting and creating and I love to read and listen to music. My favorite genre is Fantasy (I never like romance books to even begin with), and that influences a lot of my art works. I am also an introverted person who likes having my own space. 

I look forward to future conversations and meeting people who I might be able to relate to!


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