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How I discovered that am i aromantic?


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Hello folks ago one year i've exited of the closet as aromantic first there are that explain what is aromantic an aromantic is who experiences little or none romantic atraction to others and if the majory of the people always ask why i do not have girlfriend or boyfriend okey many or someones people discover their aromanticisism an example when i was 8 years old i never i'd wanted have love by somebody and still i feel that am i aro i think that am i aromantic since the 8 years but i knewn't that i was aro start of the 8 years old if is that am i not in a relationship is because arromantic when i was at school anyone wanted have a relationship and i less i want have a relationship of romantic anyway dating and situations that the couple have i've been always arromantic because i been not fall in love of anyone i am aromantic i showing pride was so that i discovered my aro, aromanticisism.

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