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what is love? - Poem


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I wrote a poem back when I was questionating my romantic orientation.


(p.s. this is a translation and love here refers "to be* in love/feel romantic attraction" which in english here is just "love")



is it love when when im thinking about laying in your bed

exhausted after the first time we fucked

is it love when I want to see you again

give you a hug and be your friend

is it love when I always truely miss you

is it love wanting to cuddle at a meeting for the next demontration

is it love to be able to talk about everything

looking at the stars together at a camp

is it love to want to touch you

or get to know you as a person

getting the feeling you are extra cool and awsome

is it love to want to kiss you in a flirt?

or bite your ear in drunk desires

is it love to feel all of that for all these people

is it serie monogamy, polyamory, or another deminsion

is it love not wanting to be with you but just by your side

is it love not wanting any of these things to be labelled at all



I still have these times when I questionate whenever I feel romantic toward someone or not and what I feel?

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