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Do you know something like this?


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Imagine: You meet a person, really kind and fine person. You become good friends, you find out you have a lot of common hobbies and you really like to spend the time with this person. You like the person like a friend. But the person falls in love with you and want to date with you. And imagine being in relationship with this person (common life and later sex, wedding etc...), you feel sick and unpleasantly. Not because of the person, but because of relationship. You like the person, but "just" like a friend, no more.

And other people ask "Why you don't want to date with him/her? You don't like him/her? He/she is fine." and you don't know, how to answer.

This happened to me a few times and I just want to know your opinion...

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Being put into that position would make me feel sick too. Honestly, it would end the friendship. People need to accept that sometimes you like someone as a friend, and that doesn't have to change into anything else.

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Yes, you're right. I just think about this feeling-You like the person but imagine dating with him/her makes you sick.

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