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make the alphabet weird


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So, what we are doing here is kinda just choosing a really weird/strange/messed up theme, and then we pretty much make one of those alphabet books with that theme.

Some nice examples:

A is for Arson (Arson Edition)
P it for Pterodactyl (Silent Letters Edition)

Oh, by the way, the person who finishes the alphabet gets to choose the next topic, kay?


Lets start with: Crime (Any crime)

A is for Arson

B is for Burglary

C is for Child Abuse

*so on and so forth*

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*\(°o°)/* Someones here! Exciting!


G is for Genocide

H is for Hiding a criminal from the police

I is for Inhalant abuse (huffing)

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J is for Jokingly kicking your father's feet underneath the table due to the influence of The Ghost of Christmas Past.

K is for Knives.

L is for Litters on the parking lot. 

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V is for Very beautiful collecting of human bones ya got there

W is for White collar crimes?

X is a very awkward letter that stands for *ta*X fraud


The next two will be very awkward to come up with so i will permit any word with Y or Z in it.

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Z is for... Zeeuwse bolus. (thank wikipedia!)

New theme! Diseases and Disabilities.

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(this is a sidenote)

This is a hot topic apparently, which i don't really know if you can say that, considering this is mostly a crossfire between 2 people. But anyways yay us!

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