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Any fanfiction fans on here?


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Any members on here read or write fanfiction? What kind of stuff do you like? What gets you reading and what gets you writing? What are your fandoms? Your prefered style?

I've been reading fanfiction a few years, and have gotten into writing as well. While I have fun reading, many of the stories weren't exactly what I wanted to see. Eventually I realized what I wanted to see were my own thoughts and feelings, and no one can recreate those for me, so I started writing them down for myself. At first I wasn't going to post anything, but eventually I realized if everyone did that, there wouldn't be anything to read. I've heard it said that fanfiction writers are just readers who couldn't find the story they wanted to read, and that sure turned out true for me.

There are a few fandoms I write, but the majority of my stories are for Murdoch Mysteries. I particularly like writing for minor characters and for less active fandoms, but that doesn't mean I avoid main characters or bigger fandoms. My favourite things to write are drabbles and slice of life moments. 

Share some links to your favourite stories or your profile if you feel inclined.

Zati Linn | FanFiction My fanfiction should you want to know.


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Hehe yes, I've loved reading and writing fanfiction for years, all different kinds. I love writing one shots. My main fandom is FE3H but I also sometimes like fics for other stuff, like Chainsaw Man, Ace Attorney, and Splatoon. I've always been really into shipping, so a lot of the fanfiction I read and write is to explore relationships that may not have been canon. I also like reading and writing about trans characters, since we sadly don't have enough representation, and it's fun to make headcanons.

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Hello fellow fanfics enjoyers!! 

I personally love alternative universes, such as 'what if...?', 'modern AU' (if the series is canonically set in the older ages), or when a writer takes characters from one series I'm a fan of and puts them in an another series I'm familiar with (example; AOT/Attack On Titan character in Haikyuu) (but not crossovers, because I don't like those). I'm also somewhat of a hopeless romantic, so a lot of the fanfics I read do in fact include romance.

My main fandoms are "Bungou Stray Dogs", "Naruto" (I haven't watched it in a while, but I'm pretty attached to the characters), "Attack On Titan", "Jujutsu Kaisen" and occasionally "Sherlock". ^^

When it comes to writing I like to include my personal headcanons, so I mainly base my work off of those.

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