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Aromantic pride.


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I am happy to be aromantic, look, I made my aromantic flag, it was created by me with the 5 colors of the aromantic pride flag, but to know that it is aromantic, look at this drawing. 

20240117_205132.jpg.3579d8acfc5087ac81b054016fcdd435.jpgShow that pride that you carry inside. 

And why am I someone Aro? 

It is because I do not experience a romantic feeling at all or perhaps the ideal love has not arrived. Do not confuse aromantic with asexual. I am also an asexual boy, that is, how aromantic I am is because I absolutely do not have a romantic connection with someone, that is, I do not see that I have those feelings of falling in love with someone, not me, but aromanticism is one and asexuality is another without I'm definitely an aromantic guy. 

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