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Brother Bear II (spoiler warning)

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I saw Brother Bear II with my Mom last night, and was rather pleasantly surprised.  I saw it once when I was little.  I remembered it as this really mushy movie where the MC finally finds a girlfriend, and everything ends in romantic bliss.  However, upon re-watching when older, it actually wasn't like that at all.  Kenai could really easily be headcanoned as grayromantic, if not fully aro.  There is a lot of emphasis on Kenai and Nita's relationship, but it's not romantic for most of the movie.   Most of the time, they're just good friends hanging out who have an unusually strong bond (queerplatonic?).  Even in the end, when Nita turns into a bear, it isn't implied that the two are in a romantic relationship.  It is just implied that the two have a permanent, lifelong bond.

I was really touched by that because you never see that in the media, and that's the sort of relationship I want.

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