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names have so much more nuance than people tend to treat them, like yeah i have one name that’s good across the board and i changed it to be my legal name but that doesn’t mean that i don’t want to use other names with different groups of people. but i don’t want those other names to be my legal name. sometimes a name is a personal thing, like nicknames. parts of an identity are personal sometimes and it’s ok to keep it that way 

but also like too scared to tell people they can call me other things because they’ll overthink it

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I kinda relate to this. While I do have a “main” name that I go by irl because it’s convenient… I like to be called other things. 

Sometimes, nicknames are just sweet! I enjoy them a lot, and I wish I was called by other names lots and lots! It honestly depends on the person…

Basically, I think I understand what you’re saying. Names are really personal things and they can be complicated. (And my feelings about gender make it even more funky) 

I’m sorry that you’re scared to tell people they can call you other names :(. I know it can be really rough :((. But you definitely aren’t alone in your feelings!! 

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