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really strong aesthetic attraction


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in most ways im pretty romance repulsed, i usually forget i am until confronted with romance lol but like i feel such strong aesthetic attraction towards people, like how i imagine allos feel about a crush and it’s wild? like usually with fictional characters or actors or whatever but like people are so pretty sometimes and it makes me question my aromanticism sometimes lol

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I only am aesthetically attracted to two people so it was very strange when I met the first one and it felt like getting hit with bricks telling me to take pictures of them. I thought it was a crush at first but when I mentioned it to them later they, being aroace and on queer Internet communities, knew what was going on. Second one was much more of a slow burn tho. Specially confusing since thinking about someone a lot is one of the things people say about romantic attraction is not being able to stop thinking of them. Think that applies to all forms of strong attraction though.

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