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i cant figure out how to work with this


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i keep clicking on wrong items, i do things i cant undo, send unfinished messages, cant delete messages, etc. 

i really need a tutoring course: how to work with Arocolypse for old puppies


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If you send an unfinished message, just finish your message in a second message. If you mean post instead of personal message, then you can edit your post the same way you can "delete" it. Click on the three horizontal dots in the upper right hand side of your post. To edit, select "edit". There is no "delete" function for regular members, but you can choose to "hide" your post instead. This hides it from other members, though it will be visible to mods and admins. This helps the mods and admins keep the board running smoothly, so you can't do something like insult someone, then delete your post to avoid trouble. The mods could see that you insulted someone so they could take appropriate action.

I don't believe we have a forum tutorial, but you're free to ask whatever questions you need.

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