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advice on approaching the subject of qprs?

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hi. im aroace, and i’ve found myself in a bit of a pickle. you see, theres this friend of mine ive known for a few years. we consider each other as good friends. i love hanging out with them and talking to them, theyre so cool!! and im attracted to them- definitely not romantically, more platonic but maybe something a bit more than that. alterous i guess. im not too concerned about the exact label.

they implied that they are aro but i dont know for sure. i think they know im aro, ive talked about it online before. and it gives me some kind of hope that maybe explaining this whole situation isnt completely unheard of to them?

point is i want to ask them if they want to be in a qpr with me? but i dont know when is the best time to ask? im a student and it feels like we’re always busy with exams and study. i just really dont want to weird them out or make them feel uncomfortable, or catch them at the wrong time. communication is key and i want to have a discussion with them about it, but i dont know where to start. this isnt something ive done before lol

any advice on how to casually approach the subject of qprs/aromanticism with them would be much appreciated! thanks for taking the time to read this 😅

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